Sayfayı Düzenle

The largest tunnel aquarium of the world will be waiting for you with a length of 131 meters and width of 3 meters inside the main tank with a capacity of more than 5 million liters. Please remember to take a look at the story of the aircraft wreck at full-scale that will confront you at the very beginning.


The first section of the tunnel is the place where tropical reef is described. The decoration here is one of the largest tropical reef decorations of the world. The first part of the tunnel is connected to the underwater cave. The windows here are the ones from which you can take a look at the creatures inside the tank the closest. The second part of the tunnel describes the Sunken City Atlantis and Mediterranean themes and then leads up to the pirate wreck observation point. You can rest by sitting in amphitheater order here and watch the sharks that wander around the treasures. When you enter the third and the longest part of the tunnel, you will see that the submarine here hosts many interesting underwater creatures. Remember to see the sharks and rays passing over you…

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