Young Painters in Antalya Aquarium!

Breaking new grounds with social responsibility projects, Antalya Aquarium continues creating value for Antalya together with non-governmental organizations and other institutions from all segments of Antalya. The results of Antalya Aquarium Painting Contest, which is also supported by Provincial Directorate of National Education, have been announced. Participated by 350 attendants from Antalya and environs, the contest has been announced to have witnessed a very harsh competition by Neslihan Kamacı – the Public Relations Manager – as a result of the jury’s decision and that jury members gave the best decision by selecting the winners at the end of a very comprehensive selection process.
Awards, plaques and certificates were distributed in 5 different categories as a result of the selection process. Two honorable mention awards were given in addition to first three places in each category. Furthermore, winners of the contest, in which also one jury’s special award was given, visited Antalya Aquarium with their teachers and families after the award ceremony. Kamacı also gave happy news that such contests will be more regularly and comprehensively held in future.



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